Weekend Music Links: Issue 5 ~ Playground Music Center Panama City, FL
Playground Music Center Panama City, FL: Weekend Music Links: Issue 5

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Weekend Music Links: Issue 5

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Welcome to Playground Music's fifth edition of Weekend Music Links. If you have any favorite blogs, message boards, videos, sites, bands, upcoming events, or anything else that you think deserves a mention, please send them our way. We love to get your feedback!

Remember-If you are a local musician or in a band (or know of one) and would like to get the word out about upcoming shows, releases or projects, drop us a line.

You can follow and contact us on twitter @ playgroundpc, or send a message to our Facebook page administrators: Ford Seeuws or Justin Weathermon.


Anthony Peebles
Last Friday Night Anthony performed at Save the Ship's show with his band the Dukes of Appleton. After hearing rumors of his dynamic voice, my interest was piqued, so I contacted Anthony to find out more about his band and to hear them for myself.

It turns out that last week's show, though their first, was the Dukes of Appleton's last because their keyboard player is leaving for college. But Anthony is still in Panama City and is committed to continuing his solo work...and that's a good thing because not only can he carry a tune, but he carries it with a confident earnestness beyond his years.

At age 18, when most contemporaries would be concerning themselves with learning the fine art of screamo or angst-ridden whining, Anthony cites the likes of the Beatles, Fleet Foxes and John Denver as his most profound influences, and judging from his delivery, he's carrying on these traditions well. Word has it that during Friday night's show he proved that he has some other tricks up his sleeve, crooning soulfully on a bluesy original song called "When Angels Cry."

Anthony started his musical journey with drums a few years back and made the transition to playing guitar and songwriting two years ago. When pressed to give advice for up-and-coming musicians, Anthony's unassuming answer was, "Just sing what pops into your head while you play your riff. It'll turn out grand most of the time."

Judging from what I've heard, this has worked so far Anthony, so do yourself a favor and check out his MySpace and if you hear that he's playing, be there.
- Anthony's MySpace Music Page
Anthony will be opening for Cool Hand Luke's show at Lynn United Methodist on August 7 (see below).


The News Herald has a great page listing weekly summer music events.
Check it out: Summer Concerts Will Have a Backstage Twist.

Individual Events

Heart of David Worship Series
BRITTANY LEWIS-WILLIAMS accompanied by Thomas Watts,II will present selections of Christian Music ranging from Gospel, Contemporary and Liturgical Arias
Sunday, July 26, 2009
6:00pm - 7:00pm
Panama City Beach, FL
Heart of David Worship Series Facebook Event.

Cool Hand Luke, Save the Ship, Lily White and Anthony Peebles
Friday, August 7
6:30 pm
Lynn Haven United Methodist Church - 4501 Transmitter Rd.
Check their Facebook Event Page for more info.

The Carolinas, Lily White, and The Bookends Live at the Rabbit Hole
Friday, August 14
6:00pm - 9:00pm
The Rabbit Hole on Harrison Ave.
Check their Facebook Event Page for more info.

Ongoing Events

Backstage Pass Concert Series
ON CALL BAND (Jazz/R & B) Performs Tonight!!
Dark and cool speakeasy atmosphere. Show up early and tour the backstage area. Local bands and you on stage!
Friday Nights from July 24th-August 28th
6:30 - 8:00
Marina Civic Center (Stage Entrance at Northeast corner of building)
Tickets are available in advance - online at www.marinaciviccenter.com and at Civic Center box office window.

Live in Concert at the Martin Theatre
Sundays from now through Sept. 13
The Martin Theatre Green Room
3 - 7 p.m.
This week featuring Grant Peeples.
3 to 4 pm is a meet and greet with the artists,
at 4 we begin recording the show for WKGC.
Come and be a part of the show. 5PM to 7PM is music and more music.
Every week Lucky Mudd opens up the the afternoon of music for a different musical guest.
For more details visit Emerald Coast Studio.com.

Jazz Jam at the Granite Cafe
Every Wednesday
The Granite Cafe (on the corner of Beck Ave and 10th St. in St. Andrews)
6 - 10 pm
Bring an instrument and a bit of rhythm and join the jam!


* A friend did this, so maybe my objectivity is a bit lacking, but I thought it was hilarious: JT on Drums.

* Stan Gibson keeps a phenomenal blog on just about anything you can imagine-from philosophy to analysis of popular music and television to theological musings and literary criticism. In one of his latest posts listing links and comments on various topics, he linked the following video and had this to say about it,"I am pretty sure that if you looked up the word ‘horrifying’ in the dictionary, this is what you’d find."

Yes, let's all agree not to do a cover like this...ever.

* But If you're bent on co-opting counterculture, you might as well do the source material justice. Justin found a perfect example: Nirvana gets Rick-Rolled.

* One man brass band: Nat McIntosh demonstrates multiphonics.


* The Dallas Brass is no stranger to Panama City, but if you happen to be a stranger to them, definitely give them a look. I attended one of their performances a few years back at the Marina Civic Center in which they managed to hold the attention of a packed house composed of the toughest critics imaginable: middle-schoolers. Perhaps it was Nat McIntosh's demonstration of multiphonics or his rendition of popular hip hop songs on Sousaphone that did the trick (see above). They play musical numbers from just about any style imaginable with stirring technical ability that is shaped by their nuanced musicality. They are big on the education side of things, providing clinics for school band programs, too.
- The Official Dallas Brass Web Site
- Dallas Brass on Myspace
- Dallas Brass on YouTube

* While we're on the subject of Sousaphones, the Onion had a funny riff on the Guitar Hero craze that deserves a look and a chuckle:
- Activision Reports Sluggish Sales for Sousaphone Hero.

* Another bit of brass news: NPR Music had trumpeter Dave Douglas and co. appear for their Tiny Desk Concert Series. If you're unfamiliar with the series, Bob Boilen, host of NPR's All Songs Considered has musicians over to perform live in his office. This week, the staff was wary to have a brass ensemble in the cramped space, but everyone seemed impressed by the show.
- Dave Douglas and Brass Ecstasy
- Tiny Desk Concert Series Home Page

* Babelgum's ad on Facebook is trying to sell Coldplay's Strawberry Swing Video as Radiohead-like. No offense to the video itself because it is fantastic, and no offense to Coldplay because the song is fine, but Radiohead? Posh...
The video is very well done, however, taking sidewalk chalk to a whole new level. Incredibly visualized: Strawberry Swing.

* We sent out an update this week with the following gadget, but in case you missed it, check out the following video/mixer/time waster...thingy. Special thanks to Bob Boilen (again!) of NPR's All Songs Considered for the heads up on this one.
- Time Killer in B Flat
- All Songs Considered

That's it for this week!

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